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Heidi has been dancing for as long as she can remember. Her lifelong obsession with movement began at an early age when she’d lose herself in the wonderful world of dance. Particularly while watching movie musicals from Hollywood’s Golden Era and attending the ballet. She was an energetic child who enjoyed moving around, so her parents sought to channel that energy through dance classes. She started her formal dance training in Miami, Fl and quickly decided that she was gonna be a dancer. She spent her youth exploring the wonderful worlds of ballet, jazz, modern, West African, Cuban salsa, tap, musical theatre, and lyrical dance. When a fellow salsa dancer invited her to a belly dance show in 2006 it changed her dance life. It changed her outlook on dance in general and introduced her to ATS® (American Tribal Style) and Tribal Fusion Belly Dance. She quickly signed up for belly dance classes and was challenged beyond her wildest expectations. From the first class she fell in love with the sense of tradition, earthiness, and sisterhood in the dance and hasn’t stopped studying and taking it all in since then. She is blessed to be able to dance every day and splits her time as a full time dance instructor, performer, choreographer, dance coach, consultant and student. Heidi is known for her fun, brainy, and relaxing teaching style and expressive choreographies. She enjoys sharing the joy of dance with her students and seeing it awaken or reignite their love of movement.

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