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Learn the Art of Dance

Heidi offers dance instruction for beginners to 
advanced learners of all ages.

Semi- private, private and Dance Coaching options
  are available.
Learn more about the different styles she teaches 
in the slides below. 

Transcultrual Fusion Group Improv Format 

In this format dancers work together as a group. Utilizing formatted steps, cues, eye-contact and the familiarity of musical phrasing allows dancers to stitch together a different interpretation each time they dance.

Based on the rich vocabulary of steps, their variations, staging and guidelines created by FCBD. Heidi's personal format is ever evolving as she reconciles with the colonialism inherent in the dance form and tries to move forward while honoring the format she grew to love. Taking inspiration from her favorite dancers, educating herself in the different cultural dance traditions appropriated by FCBDS plus adding Amy Sigil's staging, Improv Team Sync.


She's creating her own format that is ever in flux and hopes to respectfully honor the cultures that inspired the dance in the first place. 


Heidi and her FCBDS® Teacher, Jaki Hawthorne


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